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People of all ages and from all walks of life are turning to online dating. For example, over one million Americans over the age of 65 are trying online dating, a recent survey shows. What attracts many is the convenience of being able to search by age, geographic area and common interests. Many users also point to the safety of online dating as an important feature.

The key to successful relationships is a good foundation. Online dating allows you to establish a good foundation before you ever meet. Whatever you may be looking for, at online dating sites you will find like singles with the same interests, values, and goals. If you are looking for a long term relationship, or just want to have fun, if you want to meet a person that shares your faith or ethnicity, or someone from across the world, establishing a satisfying relationship online is simple and safe.

Pretend that online dating is like a chocolate filled cookie. On the outside the cookie is a delicious doughy crust, but the inside is what you are waiting for, the creamy chocolate. Online dating is just like that. On the outside you are excited and get to read all the profiles and personal ads, information, tips and advice. But the inside, where the conversations and dates are, is really what people come for. You will be happy just starting up an account and even happier when people start responding to your profile. You will also have a great time responding to other profiles. Online dating is the best way to meet people today.

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1st February 2005
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